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We build web-based software.

Our bespoke web-based software improves productivity, profitability and efficiency, enabling business growth with strategic consultancy, planning and Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation

We’ve been transforming businesses with innovative web applications for over a decade; long before the term ‘digital transformation’ was coined. ‍

We dig deep to understand where we can add value and focus on a process of continuous improvement to ensure benefits can be realised early on. Working alongside key stakeholders, we align our approach with your business strategy, be that for growth, operational efficiencies or in response to specific issues and pain points.

What is Digital Transformation >
Digital Transformation – Oii supply chain design software
Digital Transformation – Bespoke back office CMS, API integration, automation, luxury hilday software, holiday and travel website
Digital Transformation – Oii supply chain configuration

Our web-based software and web applications have generated remarkable results for our clients’ businesses and organisations.

Efficiency savings

Digital Transformation – Efficiency Savings

We design and build digital solutions that can improve efficiencies across your business – saving time and money, increasing profits and gaining leverage over the competition.

Strategic business growth

Digital Transformation – Strategic Business Growth

Our software impacts business growth through improved and elevated insight, data and reporting metrics allowing you to make meaningful commercial decisions.

Innovation and reduction

Innovation and Reduction

Our automated solutions remove human error and manual, disconnected processes, instead focusing on pioneering systems that create uplifts in customer engagement.

How our software fits into your business.

Our platform, built to your requirements.

Our powerfully flexible BluminCore™ Web Application sits at the heart of all builds.

We then tailor to your specific requirements, then develop a bespoke suite of modules, including Internal and External Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Databases and Third Party Apps and Services, designed to your specification with an Agile methodology.

Agile methodology >

Your systems and processes with a tailored workflow.

Our agile workflow seamlessly adopts and improves on your way of working.

We have a consultancy approach to building software and web application projects. We spend time getting to know how your business and organisation operates, and design ways to improve efficiencies and illuminate pain points.

Our project workflow >

Custom development, licencing and support.

Our fee structure is simple and scalable, so it grows with your business and organisation.

We charge for the initial consulting and bespoking of our software to meet your specification, then charge an annual licence fee, which covers security updates, maintenance and low level updates, scalable to the project.

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Expertise in building Software & Web Applications.

Our experience in developing web-based applications, software and systems have transformed our clients' businesses and organisations and have become mission critical in all our implementations, delivering year on year returns on investment.

By addressing pain points and consulting within businesses and organisations, we develop sophisticated sets of tools, web-based software and applications that help them grow, become more efficient and create new ways of working.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Subscriber based, single & multi tenant service & product software. Custom web apps and software built to your specification.

Content management systems (CMS)

Bespoke content management systems built in Laravel & CraftCMS or off-the-shelf platforms, such as WordPress & Webflow.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Bespoke CRM systems provide better efficiencies and build brand loyalty with customer-centric communications

Management dashboards and finance reporting

Gain immediate insights on how efficient your business is, how it's operating and optics on performance.

API development & integrations

Custom API development to access our systems and can connect our systems to your platforms.

Events and booking systems

Booking systems for events, restaurants, hotels and holiday parks.

Recruitment portals

Recruitment and master vendor systems for 2nd tier recruitment partners, streamlining on boarding processes and reducing "time to hire".

Order, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing software

Systems designed to speed up and remove errors in order processing, manufacturing and shipping

Product configurators and quoting systems

Interactive product configurators and quoting engines to add engagement and develop leads with quoting data.

Lead management and tracking

Streamline the process of recording and managing enquiries, Improving lead follow-up - and nurturing brand engagement.

Rewards and referral software

Increase brand loyalty and engagement with rewards schemes and improve user experience.

Supply chain management and artificial Intelligence / machine learning

Dashboards, parameter settings, data import and advanced reporting on self modelling supply chain software.

Capabilities – small agency, big on experience.

We build brands

Brand audit & guardianship
Brand strategy
Naming and trademarks
Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Brand toolkit and assets
Integrated creative and digital campaigns
Packaging design and print
Digital design
Advertising and printed marketing collateral
Motion graphics and animation
Photography & live action
Signage & wayfinding
Marketing strategy

We build websites

Website design and build
Laravel, CraftCMS, Webflow, WordPress,
Content management systems (CMS)
Marketing and content planning
3rd party API integrations
Booking platforms: TableTable, SuperControl, OpenTable, ResDiary, Tock
Email marketing and automated journeys
PPC & remarketing
Social marketing

We build software

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Content management systems (CMS)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Management dashboards and finance reporting
API development and integrations
Events and booking systems
Recruitment portals
Order, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing software
Product configurators and quoting systems
Lead management and tracking
Rewards and referral software
Supply chain management and Artificial intelligence / machine learning

We build strategies

Market and competitor research
Strategic marketing planning
Return on investment reporting
Marketing audit
Content strategy & programming
Social media strategy and scheduling
Customer journey mapping
Value proposition discovery and execution
Campaign planning

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