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We build marketing strategies.

The foundation of Brand + Digital communications is a robust marketing strategy that uses business and sector insight to develop your value proposition, elevate your brand for success, and achieve your business objectives and vision. It informs campaigns that connect with your customer, and combines scientific analysis and logic with cut-through creative.

As an extension to your existing marketing team, or a fully outsourced solution, we work at all times with the wider business goals in mind – lifting the hood with commercial planning support, finessing marketing campaigns to enhance business performance and improve your marketing ROI.

Whether you want to increase market share in your sector or position yourselves as thought-leaders through a compelling content strategy, our approach is scientific in nature, results-focused, and data-driven – yet creatively executed with campaigns that engage, excite and deliver, always.

Marketing and digital strategy implementation.

A strong brand and digital presence is important, but should be informed and underpinned by a considered marketing and digital strategy; setting out the blueprint that addresses business objectives.

Market and competitor research

No man (or business) is an island, and there can be huge commercial benefit in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other players in your sector in order to benchmark growth, inform product/service development, or aid brand positioning. We are able to support with formal competitor analysis, reporting and monitoring so you can market more effectively.

Strategic marketing planning

Whether you need an independent audit of your existing marketing strategy or need guidance in defining and implementing this from scratch, we’re passionate about putting in the ground work to give your marketing a clear game plan and determine where you need to focus your efforts – aligned, of course, to the wider business objectives.

Return on investment reporting

Measuring the return you get from your marketing spend is essential, and we’re big believers in using data and statistics to empower decisions around campaign planning and spend. The evaluation of performance, impact, sales generation and profit from your marketing efforts provides a wealth of insight to create data-driven strategies for more informed decision-making.

Marketing audit

Businesses that already have an established presence or marketing plans in place are often looking for continuous improvement that has commercial benefit – whether that’s costs savings, alignment of messages, brand consistency or improvements in internal process. We act as a fresh pair of eyes to review, analyse and identify pinch points and areas of focus.

Content strategy & programming

The creation and distribution of compelling and valuable content to attract and retain your customer base can massively impact brand equity, lead generation, and strengthen your digital footprint. With a strong strategic foundation and understanding of your market, brand and customer personas we create content that elevates your service offering and gives you credibility and a voice that commands attention.

Social media strategy and scheduling

Using social media channels to promote your products or services sounds easy enough but it can be easy to get lost in a world of tracking, vanity metrics and content that doesn’t engage or have impact. As you would expect, we take a strategic approach; reviewing channel objectives, setting goals, and establishing KPIs before creating and curating content that meets these head on.

Customer journey mapping

Mapping the interactions that a customer, or persona has with your brand in detail can be complex – especially when looking across channels, systems, business operation models and communications.We support businesses by reviewing the AS-IS; analysing internal process and customer experience (CX), performance, and voice-of-the-customer (VOC) in order to impact optimisation, systems enhancement and process improvement.

Value proposition discovery & execution

A value proposition framework can help ensure that a product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs, and what drives their decision making. It looks internally at how your products and services alleviate those pains or exceed expectation –and ultimately creates a common internal language and voice that ensures your communications are compelling and based on customer insight.

Campaign planning

Campaign planning done correctly should seek to communicate a unified message across multiple channels in order to reach your audience, and meet your chosen objectives. From planning through to execution, we approach the process systematically – covering resource, input, channel mix and media planning before getting our hands dirty with creative development production of assets. We then seek to report, review and refresh for optimum results.

Capabilities – small agency, big on experience.

We build brands

Brand audit & guardianship
Brand strategy
Naming and trademarks
Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Brand toolkit and assets
Integrated creative and digital campaigns
Packaging design and print
Digital design
Advertising and printed marketing collateral
Motion graphics and animation
Photography & live action
Signage & wayfinding
Marketing strategy

We build websites

Website design and build
Laravel, CraftCMS, Webflow, WordPress,
Content management systems (CMS)
Marketing and content planning
3rd party API integrations
Booking platforms: TableTable, SuperControl, OpenTable, ResDiary, Tock
Email marketing and automated journeys
PPC & remarketing
Social marketing

We build software

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Content management systems (CMS)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Management dashboards and finance reporting
API development and integrations
Events and booking systems
Recruitment portals
Order, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing software
Product configurators and quoting systems
Lead management and tracking
Rewards and referral software
Supply chain management and Artificial intelligence / machine learning

We build strategies

Market and competitor research
Strategic marketing planning
Return on investment reporting
Marketing audit
Content strategy & programming
Social media strategy and scheduling
Customer journey mapping
Value proposition discovery and execution
Campaign planning

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