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Prestbury Travel

Branding, Advertising, Website and Brand Communications

In response to Covid, the travel industry had significant challenges. Prestbury Travel used this time to combine two of their brands, the retail and tour operator into a single website, whilst launching a new rewards scheme to retain and grow their customer base.

After a BrandDig™ workshop, we helped them find clarity to their brand purpose and identify their core personality traits. Combing the wide span of products the business offered – luxury, high end travel to affordable breaks meant a wide audience base, and we used this variety combined with their wealth of personal experience as a family-run business to build a solid campaign offering.

Campaign creative

Consumer confidence took a hit so it was important the supporting advertising and marketing collateral play to the strengths of Prestbury Travel's heritage, quality of customer service, trust and dependability. Bold and inspiring travel imagery combined with the calming, dependable colour palette of their brand, delivering a modern contemporary creative campaign.

Responsive build

Our website builds consider the user, and more visitors were viewing their website on portable devices, so we considered firstly, how the mobile and tablet experience would need to function. In fact, all breakpoints were considered for the best user experience on any device. For the mobile breakpoint, we added in an extra layer of navigation, to quickly allow visitors to get to a section of the website quickly. High prominence was also given to the Lux Membership.

Custom CMS and API integration

An advanced, custom built CMS, to manage 1000s of products including hotels, villas, tours and cruises, which uses an API to integrate cruise itineraries automatically from their provider, maps, special offers and blogging. In the transition to the new website, we gave the client the ability within the CMS to adopt a new "power pages" layout, which needed considerable content creating. This phased approach allowed the client to bring new page layouts online gradually, whilst keeping the look and feel consistent. The system also includes management reporting and additional functionality that helps them efficiently manage their website day-to-day.

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