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The Park, Cornwall

Branding, website, email marketing, illustration, CMS and SuperControl Booking Integration

The Park, Cornwall are a luxury holiday park with conservation at the heart of their brand. We developed a brand language and toolkit, illustration, wayfinding, PPC, packaging, e-marketing and a new website with SuperControl API integration for booking online.

We've been developing the brand and its touchpoints for 12 months, so once we started work on the website, we had a string and playful visual identity to work to.

We integrated the website with SuperControl's booking API, for availability, filtering, reservations and booking.

Brand Language

The Park, Cornwall, asked Blumin to update their branding, taking us to an approach that developed a "house style" for their illustration and wayfinding. This new design language evolved and grew into their website, marketing communications, advertising and even packaging. We love collaborating, and Sarah Cowan's style was perfect for this project. She had a residency at our Manchester studio, before moving up to the lake district, with her One Owl Studios so we asked her to develop the hand drawn, stylistic illustrations.


A fast, lean, new website, built to reflect their new brand and marketing goals, with a bespoke CraftCMS for easy updates and integrated with SuperControl Booking.


The Park, Cornwall, wanted a powerful and simple CMS, so that they could easily update their entire website and create new landing pages, so we used CraftCMS to build bespoke back office Content Management System. A modern, clean, fast and secure CMS – CraftCMS allowed us to build a bespoke CMS to fit exactly to their requirements, allowing them to not only edit all the content on their website, but create their own pages and add content blocks to build up the kind of page they want - not restricted by templates.

Live previews update as you type, and allow you to look at multiple breakpoints so you can check responsiveness. Never push live without knowing exactly what it will look like first.

Drag and drop, easy to navigate the website’s content and page structures, built exactly to how you prefer to organise your website. You can even move the pages around to change hierarchy and navigation.

Drop in layout elements – blocks of content to style as you need, such as full width images, 2, 3 columns, dividers, image left, image right, carousels, accordions and other bespoke designs.


Packaging design for The Park's produce from their own beehives.

Wedding Brochure

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