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Branding, website, live action, motion graphics, digital transformation and consulting.

When Bob Rogers (Chief Data Scientist for Analytics and AI Solutions at Intel, and Advisory Board Member, Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS) at Harvard University) calls, you answer!

We were asked to help take his new tech startup, Oii, to market, with brand, website design and build with a bespoke web application – a Data Portal, to interface with their Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain software.

A perfect fit for our Brand + Digital methodology, we quickly established the scope of the project and worked to a 3 year plan, with 6 monthly reviews. A project that quickly grew in size and potential, we combined Brand and Software to create a brand identity along with the design and build of their website. A larger aspect of the project involved the development of their Data Portal – the end user interface, dashboard and reporting systems for the AI Supply Chain Modelling Software.

Our small but tightly integrated team of creative and technical have been working on various strands of the project, often in parallel, including:

  • BrandDig™ workshop, identity and brand toolkit
  • Presentation and pitch decks
  • Website design and build
  • Live action, piece to camera
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Digital Transformation consulting
  • Web application – Data Portal
  • Core feature development, strategy and security consulting
  • Assistance with client presentations
  • Client product development meetings at board level
  • Client onboarding support and training


We've created a modern, technical and fluid identity, that visually communicated “Disorder into Order”, a visual metaphor for data coming together – creating a meaningful pattern, illustrating how Oii make sense of big data, using Deep Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain insights from unstructured data. The strong brand gave them the credibility to approach the multi £billion corporates with a confidence that matched their game-changing AI Supply Chain Management Software.

"Oii enables organisations to consistently achieve the perfect Supply Chain Planning set-up to meet their strategic goals and leverage benefit. It achieves this by combining multi-objective mathematical modelling techniques with the power of Artificial Intelligence to find and maintain the optimal network configuration to maximise service whilst minimising cost."


Wireframe and UX design, iteration, prototype, build and launch. The website creative was heavily reliant on the brand identity foundation – an investment which paid off as the website pretty much designed itself, using the brand toolkit, brand messaging and positioning.

Stationery and marketing collateral

The White Papers showcase their thought leadership and as such, some of their most important content and brand communications.

Branding in Motion

The flexibility of the identity allowed for playful and effective animation to communicate SMSpace™ – their proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm.

We helped visualise this process using Cinema 4D – a simple idea to convey a complicated process, to effectively convey how SMSpace™ works.

This animation was then used in a live action, piece to camera, where Bob Rogers explains in more details how it works and the benefits of working with Oii.

"Oii applies a unique concept called SMSpace™ a multi dimensional virtual hologram where all potential future supply chains for a particular network are built, costed and compared. In SMSpace™ the tool models multiple configuration options and plays these out over time, assessing both the probability of the outcomes and the cost versus service profile of each one."

Live action and motion graphics

Bob Rogers explains the benefits of using Oii.


Live action, shot in San Francisco, and edited here in sunny Cornwall, keyed from the green screen, graded and composited with motion graphics animation from Cinema 4D.

Presentation and pitch decks

Our close relationship with Oii has allowed us to react quickly to produce and prepare key presentation documents, helping them win pitches and disrupting competition. By developing a brand toolkit for presentations, we've also given them the creative resources to build their own impactful slide decks. We've built a library of assets including mockups, animations, colour palette, typographic styles, backgrounds, icons and diagrams, ensuring marketing communications are always on brand.

Web Application – Data Portal

Using our Digital Transformation workflow, we developed a Data Portal – the interface where the user uploads their data, sets the variables and views reports, which interact with the SMSpace "engine". The system handles extremely secure data, currently being employed by a major pharmaceutical company. Early simulations on the initial paid trial are indicating a 6-fold return on investment.

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