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Branding, website, marketing collateral, digital transformation

As part of a brand development project, we modernised and redesigned the marketing collateral including rewriting headlines and tone of voice, brochure design, photography and illustrations.

We've been working with SWS for 15 years, in which time, our Brand + Digital thinking has transformed the business.

Our strategic partnership has allowed us to impact every detail of their business, affecting business growth and digital transformation.

Marketing collateral

We've updated the brand touchpoints and marketing materials including pricelists, brochures, advertising, newsletters, POS displays,

“We’ve seen a real uplift in sales volume since the system launched we’re now taking circa £500k of orders through the new system per month… a figure which is set to increase as Blumin continue to roll out our product portfolio.”

Kevin Lindeque, Sales Director, SWS UK

Online System

SWS – Digital Transformation – An online application and intranet for ordering sales, lead tracking and management reporting. SWS UK do not sell direct to the general public, all sales enquiries are passed onto distributors, but who, how and when are they passed, and once passed over, how are they tracked and managed to ensure the customer has a good experience? Blumin developed a sophisticated system, which rated, and passed leads through to the distributors, weighted towards favouring those who performed the best, based on a number of metrics. The system means very little human interaction takes place, and is easily managed and overseen by one person. Distributors are now in a position of competing by having to provide exceptional customer service, all of which feeds back in to the system.

“Our original aim was to streamline order processing and provide customers with the ability to generate quotations and orders online. Blumin have gone much further and delivered a system which is transforming the way our customers think about SWS UK. Not only has this new system fundamentally transformed how our customers engage with our business; we’re also now seen as the leading digital innovator in our division of our parent company."

Colin Reoch, Managing Director, SWS UK

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