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Website, animation, illustration, photography, installer locator and interactive door designer

Up until the launch of the SeceuroGlide website, SWS UK had only ever directed their marketing towards and in support of their distributor network…

Blumin have been working with SWS UK for 15 years, in which time, our award winning Brand + Digital thinking has transformed their business with brand and Digital Transformation.

The new SeceuroGlide website is aimed directly at the end-user, bringing the digital aspect of their marketing inline with the newly designed brochures for a fully integrated suite of marketing collateral.


Marketing directly to end users was a key aspect of the brief, to ensure they are educated and informed before visiting a showroom or making contact with a garage door installer. Blumin carefully designed a wireframe of every piece of content and copy, ensuring the website guided the end user though all of the product content and the key features and benefits. UX was important to ensure the site was sticky, interesting to use, but also intuitive so we built an animation rich website to enhance the presentation, allowing the information to be easily digested and understood.


As well as on site animation to draw attention, Blumin also worked very closely with SWS UK's in-house technical team to develop animations of key products and features, ensuring brand standout and differentiation.


Product visualisation & 3D rendering

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