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Web Application & Software Development Project Workflow

We consider our client’s needs every step of the way. Every iteration, and stage of the web application will be reviewed together. There’s no nasty surprises or sudden jumps from flat design mockups to final build.

We’ll consider the data content, objectives and pain points and consider the users from the start. We'll agree on what the information we need to present, then move to design, where we’ll consider look and feel. From here, we’ll build a prototype of the software, where we can still make changes. Only at this point, when you, the client is happy, and can see the web application as it will be in the final build.

Our software development project workflow for web app software development

We use an innovative design and prototyping software throughout the design and development of your website which enables us to provide a real-world working mock-up of the website as it’s being built.

Process Discovery

We consult and work through your business requirements, logic and data flow, processes, systems, products and pain points to ensure we have a complete understanding of your requirements so that we start to design. the specification of your software.

UX Design

We discover and work through user journeys, planning user experience (UX) and developing key page wireframes, dashboards and user interface UI design. It's important we plan every "screen" is understandable and easy to navigate with simplicity and efficiency ensuring key data is easy to get to and digest.


Website interactivity and micro/macro animation, media breakpoints for mobile, tablet and desktop. Ptototyping  allows our clients to approve designs as they will be seen once built, so there’s no ambiguity over expectations of the final build.


Build of Front End and Back End – Back Office can happen in parallel with each other. Development frameworks and database logic depend on requirements, but we usually use Laravel Framework for online applications and larger, more demanding builds.

Logic & CMS

Build and integration of the core logic, dashboards and any content managed areas, or dasta import/export and reporting, including API cresatiuon or integration for asny dependencies.


Our robust testing is carried out during all stages of the development cycle, before we move onto the onboarding process for your business and team, providing documentation and access to support systems before deployment.

Capabilities – small agency, big on experience.

We build brands

Brand audit & guardianship
Brand strategy
Naming and trademarks
Brand identity
Brand guidelines
Brand toolkit and assets
Integrated creative and digital campaigns
Packaging design and print
Digital design
Advertising and printed marketing collateral
Motion graphics and animation
Photography & live action
Signage & wayfinding
Marketing strategy

We build websites

Website design and build
Laravel, CraftCMS, Webflow, WordPress,
Content management systems (CMS)
Marketing and content planning
3rd party API integrations
Booking platforms: TableTable, SuperControl, OpenTable, ResDiary, Tock
Email marketing and automated journeys
PPC & remarketing
Social marketing

We build software

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Content management systems (CMS)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Management dashboards and finance reporting
API development and integrations
Events and booking systems
Recruitment portals
Order, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing software
Product configurators and quoting systems
Lead management and tracking
Rewards and referral software
Supply chain management and Artificial intelligence / machine learning

We build strategies

Market and competitor research
Strategic marketing planning
Return on investment reporting
Marketing audit
Content strategy & programming
Social media strategy and scheduling
Customer journey mapping
Value proposition discovery and execution
Campaign planning

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