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Branding, website, live action, advertising, social media, browser-based software / online ordering system and distributor portal, digital transformation and consulting.

Erhardt approached Blumin to help launch a UK brand for Erhardt Germany.

To launch successfully, Blumin flipped the product orientated approach to a lifestyle approach - highlighting how the products enhance your life to make the most of outdoor living and make better use of your outdoor space. To aid with this, Blumin introduced the human element to tell mini “brand stories” and use examples of the products. This also creates an “emotional” attachment to the brand.

To reposition Erhardt in the UK market, Blumin used the statement “Redefining Outdoor Living” to affirm themselves as the market leader and to also orientate the brand to be about outdoor living.

Our small but tightly integrated team of creative and technical have been working on various strands of the project, often in parallel, including:

  • BrandDig™ workshop, identity and brand toolkit
  • Presentation and pitch decks
  • Website design and build
  • Live action & photography
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Digital Transformation consulting
  • Web application – order portal & configurator
  • Print design
  • Advertising
  • Client onboarding support and training
  • B2B – generating awareness, technical focus, features + benefits collateral to aid selling, order system rollout
  • B2C – generating awareness, creating a desire for products, lead generation

Brand Purpose


Our purpose is to improve living spaces, by blurring the boundaries of outdoor and indoor living.


We do this by creating desirable, yet achievable products that show how life could be lived, creating new uses of space, to make the most of homes.


…this has driven us to create a range of products to extend your living space and to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with the comfort of indoors.

Photography & Videography

Lifestyle photography to reinforce the "redefining outdoor living" brand positioning.

Blumin coordinated multi-location photography and videography with models to convey numerous lifestyle scenarios to humanise the products and give them a relatable value to tie in closely with the brand values.

Live action and motion graphics

Blumin created a suite of edits with on-brand motion graphics to tie the brand assets in. The UK launch needs considerable assets, as the current imagery on the German website doesn’t translate to the UK market – the homes are clearly European. Blumin produced a photoshoot and videography over multiple locations, making use of models to bring the human element to the shots where possible. These told mini brand stories – breakfast, kid's playtime, lunch and evening evening drinks.

Brochure design

Product range brochure, highlighted with beautiful lifestyle photography and strong on-brand visuals ensuring the brand DNA pours out of every page.

Online Distributor Portal – a browser-based bespoke web application – online ordering and configurator

As a specialist browser-based web application agency, Blumin used a Digital Transformation workflow, to consult & build a bespoke online application in Laravel. The system's features manages users, accounts, previous quotes and orders and a product configurator for a range of custom built products.

Blumin have created an online platform that can deliver both operational efficiencies and added-value benefits to Erhardt Distributors and customers through the deployment of a simple, intuitive customer portal.

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