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AMC (Auto Marine Cables) & OceanFlex

Value Proposition, Branding, Website, Advertising, Motion Graphics, Live Action, Marketing & Brand Communications

Blumin began working with leading British cable manufacturer, AMC (Auto Marine Cables) back in 2021 with an initial remit to help refocus and reimagine not only the brand’s visuals, but a review of the competitive landscape, brand positioning, vision and values.

With a specialist focus and history of working with clients across the manufacturing sector, our team were able to offer a number of services spanning creative, digital and marketing to align with the strategic vision for the business.

Working closely with members of the senior management, regional sales, and customer service teams, we were able to support the journey of self-reflection for a business with longevity in the market; building upon their valued heritage to better communicate the value proposition and brand offering with a real step change and clarity of message as it looks to the future with ambitious growth plans, both in the UK and overseas.

Brand and Value Proposition

When we were asked to review the brand and visual identity for AMC, we also undertook an initial review of the company’s ‘value proposition’ to better inform the creative direction, tone of voice, and style for all future communications. The value proposition stage was designed to revisit and uncover the motivation behind each purchase their customers make, and in doing so, highlight the key messages that would be used to convince a potential client or distribution partner why the service offering from AMC is of more value to them than similar offerings from their competition.

The project included competitor analysis, a review of customer feedback and engagement, interviews with senior management, field sales teams, and those working in customer services to really look under the hood and help AMC find their ‘why’.

The result and output of this phase in the project is a striking new brand that is designed to portray AMC’s flexibility, connectivity and strength in the market, as well as focus on key fundamentals around British manufacturing and service excellence – with communications, collateral, and a multi-channel strategy that continues to pull out key messages from the value proposition work, and is truly based on the challenges and requirements of the wider customer base.

Live Action

We were commissioned by AMC to produce a live action video of the end-to-end manufacturing process, as well as use the medium to communicate key messages around service, quality, and AMC’s pride as a leading UK manufacturer. We enlisted the help of our friends over at Bigtank to get up close and personal with the high-tech machinery and tech at the purpose-built facility in Greater Manchester, resulting in a slick production that really brought the multi-step process to life. Edited in-house and set to a bespoke track by musician Will Eason, the video really tells the story of the brand in a way that commands attention, is true to their value proposition (and internal values), and can now be utilised across other marketing communications for maximum impact.

“We began working with the team at Blumin in June 2021, initially to review our value proposition, visual identity and wider brand positioning in line with our future growth plans and business strategy. From the outset, we liaised with different members of the team and found that they quickly understood our brief, our business, and our market – working as true strategic partners and delivering a striking new brand identity and assets that really encapsulate our core values and vision for the future. The team are reliable, innovative, and professional, and it is abundantly clear how passionate they are at what they do, and the pride in which they deliver."

Brent Collins, Managing Director, AMC

Blumin is a Webflow design and build agency

One of our multi-disciplinary design and website pillars, Blumin are a webflow design agency and AMC asked us to build a branding touchpoint both to serve to qualify leads and also introduce distributors to the network.

Motion Graphics

We have also created a series of animated motion graphics illustrating the features and benefits of one of AMC’s sub-brands, ‘OceanFlex’.From copywriting and storyboarding, to the creation of the graphics and bespoke illustrations, the output has been utilised to support banner advertising, social media communications, trade events, and by AMC’s own distribution network as they market the specialist products.

Strategic Advertising & Marketing

As a strategic marketing partner, Blumin also provides AMC with general marketing support, focused on continuous improvement and digital transformation in adherence to their wider business objectives – ensuring that the vision for the future of the business is reflected in all marketing communications and interactions with the brand. From planning and executing tactical marketing campaigns, to wider content strategy planning and social media activity, we work in a truly collaborative and consultative partnership with AMC – seeking to add value, creating marketing collateral that is impactful, and focusing on digital solutions that are truly transformative.

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